“in a world becoming more and more depersonalized as a result of computer technology, virtual reality and a million other anti-human, “for your convenience”, products and services being jammed down our throats on a daily basis, it is only logical there would be a spiritual backlash of some sort.”

Aaron Rose


The way to play the fashion game is pretty well defined. You gotta stick to Rules: product matters, but it doesn’t really matter. Not for me. 

This is a personal place where I experiment without compromises, obsessed by a crystalline vision that I struggle to turn into artifacts executed with surgical precision. Most of all without compromises or smudges.

This is a place of aesthetic intransigence where I blend refined craftsmanship and cutting edge technology into the quest for an equilibrium. 

This is a place about things I create and things I love. It’s obvious for me to put them together. It’s about substance you can touch rather than market-driven appearance. 

This is a back slash.